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Colour Palette Generators

When our developers need some colour in their lives and come to a roadblock, this is where we turn for palettes:

A Great Combination of Music and Technology

We saw this a while back, but wanted to blog about it anyway.  If you've ever wanted to create your own electronic music and didn't want to spend tons of money on gear (regardless if it's hardware or software), try using Hobnox AudioTool.

Holy Crap it’s pseudo-Photoshop!

We just stumbled upon this today.  It's an online image editor that's similar to Adobe's Photoshop called Pixlr.  It comes in two versions Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express.  If you need to do any basic adjustments, the Express version will do.

Need new wallpaper or a change of scenery?

If you're looking for awesome graphics to add to your desktop, you should check out Desktopography.  They have an amazing collection of wallpapers that will definitely spice up your desktop. 

Whatever mood or state of mind you may be in, they've got wallpapers that say just about anything.


If you're a tech and music lover like some of us here at Inline Logic, check out CodeOrgan.  Type in a website URL and listen to the music CodeOrgan generates for you. 

The interface could be cooler, but the concept and algorithm behind it is brilliant!